della Marronaia

The Intenso della Marronaia is a red Tuscan IGT from Sangiovese grapes, coming from a neighboring vineyard Podere La Marronaia. A mature wine, able to absorb and transmit the essence of the land. The wine comes from organic grapes certified by SOT ICEA Toscana.
An explosion of flavor that enhances the Tuscan wine tradition, to complement your wine cellar and taste during a special occasion.

Appellation Title: Rosso Toscano

Classification: IGT

Vintage: 2018

Composition: 100% Sangiovese

Alcohol content: 14%

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The name Intenso (“intense” in English) sums up the personality of this full-bodied Tuscan organic red wine.

It has a 12-14% alcohol content and a dominant flavor, which comes from the particular soil, the age of the vines, and the winemaking process.

For the purpose of preserving a higher quality, the harvesting is done by hand by selecting the best grapes. The fermentation takes place in cement vats with a temperature ranging from 28 ° C to 30 ° C.

Being a well-structured wine, it must be served in wide glasses to facilitate the dispersion of floral aromas. Serve at a temperature of about 18-20 ° C.


The Intenso della Marronaia is the wine dedicated to Luigi. The name expresses the strong character of this wine and fully reflects the personality of its producer.


Visual analysis: intense ruby red color.

Smell: very intense and persistent, characterized by notes of ripe fruit blacks.

Taste: well-structured and balanced wine. Strong, fruity, and rich in aromas on the palate. The tannins are dense and are characterized by their sweetness and ripeness.


It is the ideal wine for an important dinner, such as an anniversary, a wedding, or just for an occasion such as a particular party. Serve with red meat, game, roasts, or sausages. You can also pair it with sliced ham, truffles, and other foods with a strong taste that cannot be canceled by a charismatic wine.

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  1. Tiffany Pasquale

    We are bwyond in love with this wine! So smooth and flavorful. USA love Italy!!!

  2. Nadine Muchin Prosperi (verified owner)

    We tasted this at your vineyard, and love to reorder. It’s wonderful!

    Best to you all in these crazy and perilous times. Stay well.

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