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The origins of the corkscrew

This is one of the most important tools for a sommelier. Over the years, it was designed and created in many different forms and also became a collectable design object. We have to give importance to the corkscrew since the opening of wine is not just a simple action but a real ritual. When was […]

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Discovering the most important Tuscan Wine Areas

Tuscany is pretty famous for wine, especially red wine. The most well-known are, for sure, Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino and Morellino di Scansano. It’s important to say that Tuscany is more than Chianti,Brunello or Morellino. Here I want to tell you about all the different Tuscan wine areas and all the different wines that […]

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The story of the toast

Introduction Source: Podere La Marronaia We are almost approaching New Year’s Eve, so I would like to narrate you a little bit why, especially during this festivity, everybody like to toast together. So here we go… enjoy the story of the toast!! The toast is a ritual mainly connected to the wine; we like to […]

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Merry Christmas!!!

Dear Friends, We’re approaching Christmas Day, so also us are going to go on holiday for few days, to enjoy Christmas with our families. Remember that we will be closed from December,22nd until December 27th 2017 and on January 1st 2018. Apart from these days we’re always open so come to enjoy the beautiful Christmas […]

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What to eat during the Christamas Lunch…in a real Italian way Appetizer: Mushroom Crostoni  Source: Google  Ingredients 200 g of Champignon Mushrooms 50 g of butter 150 g of fontina cheese in slices Pinch of salt 8 slices of bread Instructions Toast the bread into a toaster or in the oven, meanwhile clean up the […]

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Sangiovese: The wine of the gods

Sangiovese is Italy like Cabernet is France: they are wines that express a viticultural and wine-making identity. (Giacomo Tachis) The History of Sangiovese Source: Wikimedia The Sangiovese is one of the most diffused kind of grape in central Italy, and for sure, one of the most representative wine for this grape is Chianti Classico. In […]



The olive oil in the history Source: Wikimedia The Olive tree has an important symbolic value. It’s emblem of longevity, fertility and maturity. It was also symbol of wealth, honor and peace, its branches were used to crown winners during cordial plays, but also winners of bloody wars. The oil that comes from its fruits […]

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A Family Nickname: The Quattrorsi

The history of the Quattrorsi della Marronaia Source: Podere La Marronaia  We can translate the word “Quattrorsi” like “Four Bears”… What a strange name for a Wine, you might think… Here I explain the origin of this particular name!! We know that usually bears are not very social animals. They love to stay in their […]

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The Sweet side of Tuscany : Cantucci e Vinsanto

If you come in Tuscany “Cantucci and Vinsanto” is a dessert that you must try out. Here some secrets about these two Tuscan specialities!!! Cantucci Cantucci are dry biscuits with almonds, that can be obtained cutting in slices the still hot dough. The Cantucci’s dough is composed by very simple ingredients like : flour, sugar, […]

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What to Eat With The Intenso Della Marronaia

The History of The Wine  Source: Podere la Marronaia The Intenso is a 100% Sangiovese wine strong and vigorous, full-body and complex. It’s the wine that was born in honour of Luigi Dei, forefather of our activity. His strong and determined nature, and also his charm, are enclosed in this precious wine. The Intenso was […]


What You Have To Know About Tomato Sauce

The History of tomatoes in Italy The Tomato finds its origins in Mexico and Perù. There this fruit was very appreciated and Inca and Atzec tribes called him “Xitomatl”  ( here were the English word “tomato” find its origin), that means “a plant with a round fruit juicy pulp and a lot of seeds”. Source: […]


Our Birdhouses in the Vineyards

Our Birdhouses in the Vineyards Living in contact with nature gives us every day, new emotions. To have the chance to admire  the light and flitting birds rely on the branches is really nice. We decided to settle in our vineyards, some straw houses. Birds’ll can find here shelter in the coldest days, refreshment and rest in […]