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Podere La Marronaia, a family story

We could call a true “love at first sight” what happened in 2000 to Luigi Dei and Silvia Morrocchi, in front of the old ruin of the Podere Marronaia, giving life to a new project of life for them and for their children Pietro and Corrado.
The beginning of organic farming, the farmrental activity and the production of wine and e.v.o.oil, and more recently the arrival in the company of Pietro and Corrado, did of what had begun lightly, to turn into a real business, without forgetting the character and the family dimension of the company.

The Family
The family
Our vineyards
Our vineyards

A passion for the country

The passion for country life and wine has always been a constant in the life of Luigi, grew up with his grandfather Gino on a farm, and it was easy to convince Silvia and the sons, who have addressed in this way their studies.

Podere la Marronaia, Podere le Colonne and Podere Fornicchiaia are the three realities within the company, where they grow red and white grapes of the main local grape varieties (Vernaccia, Sangiovese, Canaiolo) and olives. Currently they produce white, rosé and red vintage that is barricaded and extra virgin olive oil..

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