della Marronaia

Visila della Marronaia is a white wine composed of 100% Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG, the varietal representative of our town. These grapes are grown in the Podere le Colonne vineyard, San Gimignano. The lack of pesticides in the soil, natural minerality, and southeast exposure during the hot Tuscan summer, makes this is the ideal habitat for cultivating the Vernaccia di San Gimignano grape.

Alcohol content:
100% Vernaccia di San Gimignano
Appellation Title:
Vernaccia di San Gimignano
Food Pairing:
White meats, and fish

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Harvesting is done exclusively by hand, for optimal wine, during the first weeks of September, when the grapes are the ripest. After a soft pressing of the grapes, vinification and fermentation occurs at a controlled temperature. In the first stage of fermentation, the skins are macerated, and subsequently decanted in steel vats for 6-months at a temperature ranging between 13-17°C/55-63° F. Bottle aging takes at least 2-months.


Visila della Marronaia is an anagram of the name “Silvia”. SIlvia and the Vernaccia grape are generational natives of San Gimignano. Both being linked to this unique Tuscan territory, it only seemed fitting that this noble and ancient wine be named after Silvia, who founded Podere La Marronaia alongside her husband Luigi Dei in 2000.


Visual Analysis: bright straw yellow
Olfactory Analysis: aroma characterized by floral notes of wisteria and hawthorn, citrus notes, and slight hints of tropical fruit
Taste Analysis: fresh, well-balanced and structured with a lingering finish on the palate


Visila pairs well with a summer dinner of strong, but not overpowering flavors, like barbecued seafood with assorted sauces for a Mediterranean-inspired menu. This wine also pairs well with assorted bruschetta, mixed goat cheeses, or Vernaccia Rabbit, a traditional recipe from San Gimignano. It should be served at 13˚C/55˚F.

10 reviews for Visila della Marronaia

  1. Susan Murphy

    Red wine was amazing!

  2. Susan Murphy

    Best wine olive oil and balsamic tasting! Great fun and delicious food!

  3. Dawn

    What a wonderful winery. Absolutely wonderful wine and beautiful location.

  4. Sudhir Rao

    Excellent wine

  5. Chris Marshall

    Wow, what an experience. The food, the wine, the view, the hosts, and of course the charming four-legged friends blew my mind. This was my first visit to Italy, it’s days like the one spent at Podere La Marronaia that make a trip memorable and leaves one craving for more.

  6. Teresa Bentley MD (verified owner)

    Podere La Marronai is a must visit. Lovely San Gimignano of course. But just outside city walls , thus family run small winery is wonderful. Enjoy a cookery class, drink the lovely sparkling wine, whites, reds and rosatos
    Then come home and order more! The reds of Tuscany are famous of the whites must be very good to be noticed.
    Visila is more than just very good…it is wonderful .
    I reorder over and again as friends in US can’t get enough of this perfect representation of the Vernacccia di San Gimignano.

  7. Frank R. Sparadeo

    I visited the winery and got to taste this wonderful wine with lunch. Upon completing my second glass I ordered a half case which was shipped to my home in Rhode Island a few weeks later. It is refreshing, flavorful and serious.

  8. Tim Schaefer

    Great Summer Wine. We will continue ordering in to California

  9. Susan

    Our favorite white from our tasting while at the vineyard! We ordered a case to be shipped to the US and are ready to order more for summer drinking.

  10. Tammy

    One of the best wines I’ve ever enjoyed and I will keep ordering from the United States.

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