About La Marronaia

If you love the fascinating stories, Podere La Marronaia is the place where the past and the present of this magnificent Tuscan area meet.

There was once a ruin …

The history of Marronaia began in 2000 when Luigi, walking through the fields, falls in love with an old building with adjoining land planted with olive trees and vines: Podere the Marronaia.
After strongly desired purchase by Luigi and Silvia and young Corrado and Pietro begins the work of radical change with the passage of the lands to organic farming and the renovation of the property, which involved all family members, including Dino, a beautiful Bergamasco Sheepdog arrived in the family at that time, who supervised directly the work.
The dream to give back to the farm the ancient beauty and efficiency come true, thanks to the deep love lavished by all in this endeavor. The whole family moved to La Marronaia in 2002.
Pietro and Corrado grow running through the vineyards, growing from an early age his passion for this enchanted place where now, in the name of tradition, are engaging in the activity initiated by their parents.

Podere la Marronaia today: an extended family

The close-knit group of people who daily work at Podere la Marronaia likes to call themselves an “extended family” because beyond the objective blood ties of the family Dei-Morrocchi, every single staff member feels “relative” of all the other .
This is the secret that keeps the enchantment to the Podere Marronaia: the warm family atmosphere made up of close mutual cooperation.
The company is dedicated today to the organic production of white and red wines and extra virgin olive oil available on direct and online sales, to accommodation rental in apartmentsAgriturismo Podere la Marronaia-, at to the activity of products tasting – Sosta Alle Colonne.

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Our animals

Life in the country has allowed the family to enjoy the company of furry friends. Then after Dino, here comes a nice horse, Gioioso, a donkey and so on … Today at Podere La Marronaia are living 4 cats, 2 dogs Gina and Berger and 2 horses, Gastone and Cet, part of the family and daily life of the family and the guests.

Once there were human relations …

The advent of the internet has almost destroyed the practice of directly communication, but a “face” can not replace the sincerity of a look, hastily typed characters have not the same warmth of a familiar voice, shared photos do not have the same value of being together.
At La Marronaia, the time stopped: you can count on wi-fi, but you will find yourself looking more insistently the bright eyes and the smile of Silvia, they have to say much more than an app; you will be delighted by youthful enthusiasm of Pietro, Corrado and their cousins.
The real web here, is that one of human relationships: every brick tells the adventure of this family, each wine label has a sentimental “link”, a dedication, a thought, connections are established through the eyes and words, with sincerity and without filters.
Stay connected to this wireless network, you can do it even without ADSL, and you will live a unique experience!


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