Our story

Dei’s family was so in love with that old ruin that they decided to buy it and start a brand-new life project. All the vineyards and olive groves were switched to the organic farming and the old ruin became a wonderful renovated country house. Everyone in the family helped to the renovation of the land, even their Italian sheepdog, Dino, a beautiful puppy supervising all the works and the family.

Podere la Marronaia - Family Farmhouse in San Gimignano. Fine wine and EVO Olive Oil Producers.

Moving all their life and projects to La Marronaia, Luigi and Silvia wanted to rediscover and pass on to their children the pleasure of the nature and animals, the passing of time, watching the alternation of the seasons and the vine’s changing.
The respect for the environment and nature was fundamental to make this dream come true. And it was right between the vines that Silvia and Luigi had the most challenging idea: the organic farming.

Passion for the organic & biodynamic winemaking

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In 2000, organic growth was a bet for Dei’s family. Actually, they were the first one in the area to produce wines following the organic rules. Their dream was to “go back to the soil”, to the slow and genuine rhythms of the nature and to open the door of their project to all the people who share the same values and respect for the environment.
The organic farming considers the agricultural ecosystem as a whole. It exploits the natural soil fertility and promotes the production with limited human interventions like natural treatments that foster the environment biodiversity.
The vineyards were switched to the organic system gradually, starting from the land in Podere la Marronaia that – after being purified from chemicals – obtained the ICEA certification (which is the Italian Institute for the Environmental and Ecological Certification.
However, the passion for the nature didn’t stop to the organic farming. In fact, from 2016 the whole organic production has been converted into the biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamic farming’s aim is to keep and enhance the soil’s fertility to guarantee the excellent quality of the grapes and olives, both in terms of organoleptic features and nutrition. How? Through the fertilization that respects and promotes the natural soil’s vitality and the rejection of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals pesticides. A choice that requires an increase of work throughout the year, but it gives to Dei’s family great satisfactions year after year. For example, the presence of some bird species that live in La Marronaia’s garden and the great results in terms of wine and olive oil production.


Nature’s respect goes together with tradition’s respect. That’s why every day at Podere la Marronaia it is possible to rediscover the flavors of the Tuscan tradition through their experiences. What is the secret? The products. Starting from the extra virgin olive oil produced according the traditional method of the cold pressing of the olives to the great wine labels like the Vernaccia of San Gimignano, the Chianti Hills of Siena and the Chianti Classico that make Tuscany one of the greatest wine regions in the world.
But this is not only a matter of tradition. Thanks to Pietro and Corrado and their great young enthusiasm, Podere la Marronaia today has become the perfect combination between tradition and innovation. Besides the classical wine aging techniques, every year the wine collection is getting bigger with the introduction of new wines made with new techniques that belong to the past, like the wine fermentation in concrete tanks or in terracotta jars. Their creativity and their desire to get involved in the family business increased the wine collection up to 13 different bottles that taste like tradition and smell like innovation.

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Dog Lovers

La Marronaia 204 - La Marronaia - family

Living in the countryside made the family enjoy the company of their lovely pets.
Today at Podere la Marronaia there are 4 dogs, Gina and Mario, due wonderful Lagotto Romagnolo, Berlino, a lovely black Great Dane and Rio, a super funny Italian Sheepdog. They can’t wait to steal some ham and sheep cheese from your tables at Podere la Marronaia.