Special Edition
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Special Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 500 ml of the most recently pressed olive oil from a special grove on our farm. It is extracted from a once abandoned olive grove, that after an intense rejuvenation, provides us with a very limited, but high quality, production. This olive oil is quite unique and the perfect addition to almost any meal!

48,50 EUR

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The oil is cold-pressed, like the tradition wants, and not filtered, just bottled after a period of settling.

The color of the oil is of deep gold color and with a soft taste.


The Special Edition Extra virgin Olive Oil 500 ml is produced using 100% olives grown with the organic method.
The oil has an intense gold color, a soft and delicate taste, perfect to pair with food that has strong flavors.
The bottle has a particular shape and a special print designed by Pietro to exalt this Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s uniqueness.


In the traditional Tuscan kitchen, there are many different ways to use extra virgin olive oil, both in poor dishes and more complicated dishes. The Special Edition Extra virgin olive oil 500 ml is particularly suitable to pair with fresh vegetables or, in general, with light food that exalts its delicate taste.

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