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During a wine-tasting you might think that it’s not important to  use a different wine glass depending on the wine we taste, but actually choosing the right glass is quite important.

The bouquet, the taste and the balance of a wine are influenced by the appearance of the wine glass.

The opening and the diameter of the wine glass guides the flow of the wine in direction of the part of the mouth, demonstrating the most important characteristic of a specific wine. Also the belly of the wine glass  allows oxygenation of the wine releasing all its aromas.

Tulip Wine Glass

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This kind of wine glass is perfect to taste young and white or rosé wines, because it allows the wine to fall exactly on the first part of the tongue, that is sensitive to sweet flavors, perfect to celebrate the particular fruity flavor of these kind of wines.

Renano Wine Glass

Renano white res

This glass is slightly narrower in its main part and for this reason it’s perfect to taste aged and barriqued white wines.

Renano Wine Glass for reds

renano red res

This kind of glass is perfect to taste young red wines, that are not aged for long time, because it allows the wine to breathe more quickly.

Ballon Wine Glass

ballon glass res

This is a large wine glass but not very long, usually used to taste medium-bodied red wines.

Bordeaux Wine Glass

Bordeaux glass

This is a particularly pot-bellied wine glass that helps the tasting of wines that need an important decantation.

Bourgogne Wine Glass

Bourgogne glass res

This wine glass is suitable for aged and barriqued red wines, because is the largest and most pot-bellied.

Flute Wine Glass

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This is perfect to taste sparkling wines produced with the classic method or Prosecco. This kind of glasses are narrow and long and allow a better evaluation of the perlage and allows to celebrate all the fragrances.

Dessert Wines Wine Glass

dessert wine glass

To taste this kind of wines (like passito or vinsanto), that are also called “meditation wines” we need a glass that has a long stern and a narrow opening.