6 alternative uses of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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  1. Conditioner or Hair Mask

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The benefits of olive oil extend also to beauty. As if it were a conditioner, olive oil helps to moisturize dry hair, softens it and strengthens it. Just apply it directly to the hair tips or mix a few spoons with your favorite shampoo.

Also you can use it as an Hair Mask. Mix the olive oil with some honey and apply on all your hair. Leave it for 1 hour covered by an hair cap. Wash generously.

2. Reduces Acne

Olive oil can be used to remove make-up, some studies have shown that the oil has antibacterial properties, which can help eradicate skin infections and acne.

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3. Hydrates the skin

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The oil is rich in polyphenols, vitamin E and phytosterols that work both as antioxidants and as anti-inflammatories. Oil is a natural cosmetic that helps protect and moisturize the skin.

4. Help digestion

According to research of the Purdue University, the olive oil helps the body absorb nutrients from the foods it needs. Good quality olive oil helps digestion by lubricating the digestive tract and allows the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins present during meals.

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5. It is a sort of Lip Balm or can be a Lip Scrub

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If you have dry and chapped lips you can make a scrub by mixing olive oil, honey and brown sugar. This combination of ingredients delates dead skin while smoothing and brightening lips.

Also you can use it all alone before going to bed as a lip moisturizer / mask. 

6. Cuticles Oil

It can be used to soften the cuticles, simply by rubbing it between the hands or to soften the chapped heels.

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