The history behind Rosa Della Marronaia

Organic tuscan roséRosa della Marronaia is a Rosato Toscano made with 100% Sangiovese grapes.
Very intenso, full-body, fresh and frutty, we have dedicated this wine to a very special person of our family: my great granmother Rosa Bartalini.
When we were young, Nonna Rosa, lovely took care of my brother Corrado and me. For adults of the family, Nonna Rosa, was a safe haven, always ready to give help, a smile and a warm hug.
When she passed away, her loss was so deep for all of us, but every day we feel her with us.
I like to speak with her in difficult moments looking for her important suggest.
I like to think she is behind our important things of life, protecting us .
The best way to honor her is to dedicate a wine as to create wine we need passion and love, like she had during whole her life.


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