Natural wine and oil from Tuscany, Italy

Vino biologico e olio dalla Toscana

Customize your label– Igt Rosso Toscano 2014-limited edition

45,00 €

A special wine for a special moment.

This Igt Rosso Toscano 2014- Limited Edition is a very classic and intense Tuscan IGT red, made of Sangiovese grapes, organic certified by SOT ICEA Toscana.

Deep ruby red color, fruity taste and a very intense floral bouquet. The essence of the real Tuscany to celebrate a special occasion.



The wine that we propose,  Igt Rosso Toscano 2014, is a Limited Edition wine, made of 100%f Sangiovese grapes, coming from the old vineyard of Santa Lucia.

Harvest is done, as tradition, by hand, selecting the best grapes directly in the fields.

The fermentation takes place in cement vats with a temperature ranging from 28 ° C to 30 ° C. Aging is done in bottle.  The 14% alcohol content and the very fruity taste, make of this wine an example of the most  classic and traditional Tuscan wines.

Being a well-structured wine, it must be served in wide glasses to facilitate the dispersion of floral aromas. Serve at a temperature of about 18-20 ° C.

Dedicated to…

This Igt Rosso Toscano 2014 is a Sangiovese wine produced in a Limited Edition is dedicated to all of our friends who love to have a custom label.

In Italian culture, wine is not only a drink, but it is a fundamental part of life.

Enjoying a good glass of wine, we celebrate and honor our earth and its fruits, the work and commitment of man, he great love of our families and our region.

A good glass of wine celebrates life !

Sommelier tips

Sensory analysis

Visual analysis: deep red ruby color.
Smell: very intense and persistent, characterized by notes of ripe fruit blacks.
Taste: well-structured and balanced wine. Strong, fruity, and rich in aromas on the palate. The tannins are dense, sweet and ripe.

Food pairing

It is the ideal wine for an important dinner, special events, anniversary, weddings . Serve it with red meats (grilled or with tomato sauce), game, roasts, or sausages. You can also pair it with cold meats, truffles, aged cheese and other foods with a strong taste that cannot be canceled by a charismatic wine.

Additional Information
Appellation Title Tuscan Red
Quality Assurance Label IGT
Aging Bottle, 1 years
Vintage 2014
Composition Sangiovese
Alcohol Content % 14
Volume (ml) 750
Ideal Serving Temperature (Celsius) From 18 to 20
Aroma Intense, Persistent
Food Pairing Meat, cheese
Color Ruby
Taste Balanced, Strong, Fruity
Vine Training Guyot
Soil Clay, Sand
Vineyard Santa Lucia
Vines Exposure South-East
Metres above Sea Level 250
Vine Density per Hectare 4000
Vine Density per Acre 1620
Sulfite Content Yes
Producer Location San Gimignano, Siena, Tuscany, Italy
Organic Yes
Volume (Oz) 25.36
Ideal Serving Temperature (Fahreneit) From 64.4 to 68