Natural wine and oil from Tuscany, Italy

Vino biologico e olio dalla Toscana

The wines of the farm Podere La Marronaia are organic and come from vineyards that in 2003 obtained the ICEA (Institute for Ecological and Environmental Certification). Agricultural land of Podere La Marronaia were fallow for decades, and the period of transition to organic farming has been facilitated by the fact that the soil had not been sprayed with chemical fertilizers and showed no harmful residues.
Making wine with biological criteria involves an increase in seasonal work with less aggressive methods of pest and weed control: for example, the Podere La Marronaia performs on average up to 8 applications per year, compared to 3 for the non-organic vineyards. The advantage is an original wine with an authentic taste and rich in aromas that is non-industrial and non-contaminated by pesticide residues. Organic farming takes into consideration the agricultural ecosystem as a whole; it exploits the natural fertility of the soil using natural fertilizers without chemical residues and uses natural regulatory mechanisms. All processing steps regarding the vineyards and the grapes are manual.
At the base of this choice is the intention to protect the environment and promote working conditions and protection for life satisfactory to all persons within the company.