Super, It’s Merenda Time!

A typically Italian way of life. Those who grew up in Tuscany, know very well [...]

San Gimi… what?

We all happen to misspell a word or mispronounce it. If even those who master [...]

Prevention as a Life Project – Podere La Marronaia with Valdelsa Donna

Valdelsadonna, born in 2007 from a group of women operated on for breast cancer, is [...]

Visit San Gimignano @ Podere La Marronaia

WHY VISIT SAN GIMIGNANO & PODERE LA MARRONAIA? Near San Gimignano, in one of the [...]

Amphora Wine – At The Origins Of Innovation

  Amphora Wine – It is not a fad, nor a trend, but rather an [...]

Wine & Kitchen : 5 Recipes Where You Can Use Wine for Cooking

WINE FOR COOKING Description: Make a hole in the flour, pour in the wine, the [...]

6 alternative uses of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The Difference between Chianti and Chianti Classico – a simple guide

Other towns, added later to the Chianti Classico area are : Castelnuovo Berardenga, Barberino Val [...]

Quarzo della Marronaia – A precious Rosè sparkling dedicated to Women all over the World

The wine is fresh, dry and sparkling, delicate and with hints of fresh fruit, like [...]

8 Things That You Need to Understand About Biodynamic Agriculture

Root – Earth Leaves and Stem – Water Flower – Air Fruit – Fire [...]

The Wine is Really Art

With this article, we want to share with you how long is the tradition of [...]

How to Organize a Perfect Wine tour… in 9 simple steps

The other choice is to concentrate your self on big wineries, for sure in there you [...]

Romantic Escape, Tuscany for Couples – 8 Romantic Things to Do

Romantic Escape, Tuscany for Couples Pienza is also full of panoramic points where you can [...]

The origins of the corkscrew

This is one of the most important tools for a sommelier. Over the years, it [...]

How to prepare for a wine-tasting in a few simple steps.

There is a big difference between drinking wine and tasting wine. To taste it, we [...]

Characteristic of the most important Tuscan wines

Last week I explained you how many different wine areas we have here in Tuscany. [...]

Discovering the most important Tuscan Wine Areas

TUSCAN WINE AREAS Tuscany is pretty famous for wine, especially red wine. The most well-known [...]


During a wine-tasting you might think that it’s not important to  use a different wine [...]

9 Things You Have to Know about Epiphany

So here we are…Christmas time is ended up. We know that Epiphany takes away all [...]

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