How to prepare for a wine-tasting in a few simple steps.

There is a big difference between drinking wine and tasting wine. To taste it, we [...]

Characteristic of the most important Tuscan wines

Last week I explained you how many different wine areas we have here in Tuscany. [...]

Discovering the most important Tuscan Wine Areas

TUSCAN WINE AREAS Tuscany is pretty famous for wine, especially red wine. The most well-known [...]


During a wine-tasting you might think that it’s not important to  use a different wine [...]

9 Things You Have to Know about Epiphany

So here we are…Christmas time is ended up. We know that Epiphany takes away all [...]

The story of the toast

Introduction Source: Podere La Marronaia We are almost approaching New Year’s Eve, so I would [...]

Merry Christmas!!!

Dear Friends, We’re approaching Christmas Day, so also us are going to go on holiday [...]


What to eat during the Christamas Lunch…in a real Italian way Appetizer: Mushroom Crostoni  Source: [...]

San Gimignano – 10 Places That You Have To Visit

SAN GIMIGNANO – 10 PLACES THAT YOU HAVE TO VISIT The foundation of San Gimignano dates back [...]

Sangiovese: The wine of the Gods

The History of Sangiovese Sangiovese is Italy like Cabernet is France: they are wines that [...]

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil – The Tuscan Gold

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – The Olive Oil in the History Source: Wikimedia The Olive [...]

Millecolori della Marronaia: The Shades of a White Superwine

The Millecolori della Marronaia is a grape -based wine of Vernaccia di San Gimignano, the [...]

A Family Nickname: The Quattrorsi

The history of the Quattrorsi della Marronaia Source: Podere La Marronaia  We can translate the [...]

The Sweet side of Tuscany : Cantucci e Vinsanto

If you come in Tuscany “Cantucci and Vinsanto” is a dessert that you must try [...]

What to Eat With The Intenso Della Marronaia

The History of The Wine  Source: Podere la Marronaia The Intenso is a 100% Sangiovese [...]

What You Have To Know About Tomato Sauce

The History of tomatoes in Italy The Tomato finds its origins in Mexico and Perù. [...]

Vernaccia di San Gimignano: The Wine of the Secrets

Vernaccia di San Gimignano: The Wine of the Secrets   Discover 10 of the most [...]

Our Birdhouses in the Vineyards

Our Birdhouses in the Vineyards Living in contact with nature gives us, every day, new [...]

Nature & Philosophy: the beginning of a new adventure

Nature & Philosophy: the beginning of a new adventure A few months ago, following the [...]

The History of Dino

Dear friends, By now you will realise that behind our wines and our labels there [...]

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