Natural wine and oil from Tuscany, Italy

Vino biologico e olio dalla Toscana

Merlot is a red grape variety of high quality, and its name is due to its berries being very popular among blackbirds. It is native to the Gironde, in the South-West of France, particularly the Bordeaux area, where some of the most prestigious wines in the world originate. As for Italy, Tuscany won first place for the presence of the best varieties of this type of wine due to the properties of its soils and favorable climatic conditions. Our vineyard adjacent to Podere La Marronaia is located on a particularly fertile ground, 300 meters above sea level with an ideal temperature of 14 °.
The whole process of production of this wine follows traditional and natural methods that respect the biodiversity of the environment to provide you with healthy and quality products.
We use the best merlot grapes, exclusively biological, to give life to intense red wines that have a strong flavor and that are versatile. Rediscover all the typical tastes of Tuscany through a tradition that we wanted to preserve unchanged over time with its essential qualities.