White Truffle
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

La Marronaia’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is infused with White Truffle. It comes in a 250-ml bottle made from uvag glass to preserve its quality. The delicate flavor of our best extra virgin olive oil meets the excellence of Sienese truffles to create a high-quality product of sublime gastronomic elegance. Using this product in the kitchen will make you feel like a true Tuscan chef!

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We produce our extra virgin olive oil only in an environment protected from any chemical and industrial interference to guarantee a product of high-quality and unique flavor.
The white truffle is the most prized variety of truffle, characterized by a sharp but pleasant smell, easily digestible, and high-quality organoleptic properties.
With their clay landscapes, valley forests, and erosion, the Sienese hills are the best place to produce this precious food.
The 250-ml bottle made from uvag glass is ideal and durable for long-term storage. It maintains its properties unchanged and is a truly unique gift idea that will charm your loved ones and make you a popular figure.
Give your table and that of your friends a touch of class thanks to the flavors of our tradition.

The Chef’s Advice with White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin La Marronaia Olive Oil flavored with white truffle is ideal to flavor pasta dishes, sauces, or egg dishes such as the famous Frittata with hooves.
Typical country dish of Tuscan tradition, born to reuse leftovers, is a simple omelet high with diced bacon. It is not uncommon to find the peasant tables a different version of this dish every day because it is customary to use from time to time leftovers that you have available, like pieces of meat or sausages. Adding a few drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Marronaia flavored with white truffle will make this nutritious dish tastier on the palate, giving it a touch of exquisite refinement.


Flavored, Extra Virgin




White Truffle






UVAG glass

Produced in

Tuscany, Italy

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