Gold Secrets
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you are looking for a truly unique product, we encourage you to try our Gold Secrets Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This specially aged olive oil is infused with edible 23k gold produced by a local Tuscan artisan, ships in a handmade wooden box, and features a gold dispenser in order to not waste a drop. This beautiful bottle takes the concept of olive oil being “liquid gold” to a whole new luxury level.

245,50 EUR
220,95 EUR

The packaging is also something precious. The selection of our extra virgin olive oil, the edible gold, and the gold measuring cap are all contained in an elegant wooden box that we personally designed and created with our trusted carpenter.

The selection of extra virgin olive oil is extracted from an old and abandoned olive grove. After an intense rescue activity, it started to give us a very limited but high-quality product that makes this oil unique.

The oil is cold-pressed, like the tradition wants, and not filtered, just bottled after a period of settling.

The color of the oil is of deep Gold color and with a soft taste.


The Gold Edition Extra virgin Olive Oil 250 ml is produced using 100% olives grown with the organic method.
The oil has an intense gold color, a soft and delicate taste, perfect to pair with food that has strong flavors.
The bottle has a particular shape and a special silver label with our logo and an elegant olive tree branch in relief.



This olive oil you can use on all your special dishes, during a special meal, or in a very easy way on top of a slice of toasted bread to exalt the color of our Tuscan gold and its precious contents.


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