Wine Tasting with Truffle Lunch or Dinner

For those who want to immerse themselves in a tasteful journey through the authentic flavors of Tuscany famous throughout the world, the Stop At Columns of Podere La Marronaia, just 700 meters from San Gimignano, is the ideal destination to combine atmosphere, history and flavors.


The guest of honor of this tasting with lunch / dinner is the famous Tuscan truffle.
A guided tour to discover the sharp accents of Tuscan truffles, harmonized throughout the meal with local products: extra virgin olive oil, wines, appetizers and assorted dishes.

A dish our truffle lunch
A dish our truffle lunch
Tagliolini with truffle
Chocolate ice cream

The tasting offers organic products at least 4 wines from Podere La Marronaia, including Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Chianti Colli Senesi and 3 or more types of extra virgin olive oil, natural and flavored, coming from our olive grove.

During the tastings are offered: starter of bruschetta and crostini and mixed with truffles, tagliolini with truffles, poached eggs with shaved truffles, vanilla ice cream with chocolate shavings and truffle honey acacia.

The tasting will delight you with choice of exclusively local products that privilege mode of cultivation and biological transformation: organic wines are certified by ICEA Toscana and extra virgin olive oil from Podere La Marronaia.

The meats, cheeses, honey and seasonings for bruschetta are carefully selected from local producers offering an approach similar to ours, attentive to sustainability, the zero-kilometer products and organic and biodynamic methods.

The kitchen offers dishes that are true to Tuscan traditional family recipes.

Practical information

The tasting with Tuscan lunch/dinner is done throughout the year, booking is recommended, especially in high season. Upon request, preferably at time of booking, they are available for vegetarian menu, vegan and gluten-free or special dietary requirements.

The tasting takes place in Italian and English.

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