Wine, Oil, and Cheese Tasting

A stop for a tasting of local flavors is the perfect break during a visit to San Gimignano. A Podere La Marronaia Sosta Alle Colonne the Tuscan style is enriched with a special focus on organic products and zero kilometers.


The tasting includes a guided trip of at least 4 wines of the vineyards of Podere la Marronaia, including two classics of the Tuscan wine tradition, Vernaccia di San Gimignano and Chianti Colli Senesi, continues with a taste 3 or more types of extra virgin olive oil and natural flavored and an accompaniment to Tuscan cheeses and assorted snacks and appetizers.

A glass of red wine
A glass of Nottolo
Organic cheese selection
Organic cheese selection

A full immersion with locals products sensitive to the quality of production and sustainability. The cheeses -sheep cheeses, fresh or aged goat and mixed milk cheeses- come from local producers and are perfect paired with wines of Podere La Marronaia from organic vineyards certified, and extra virgin Tuscan olive groves of the company of the Sienese countryside. It is an unfiltered oil that enriches the traditional Tuscan cuisine with its savory taste, a slight tickle the palate and a slightly bitter aftertaste. This oil brings to the table the suggestions of Mediterranean cuisine. The flavored oils, however, are the real delights that create new mix of Tuscan flavors to renew its board.

Practical information

The tasting with cheese is done throughout the year, booking is recommended, especially in high season. Upon request, preferably at time of booking, they are available for vegetarian menu, vegan and gluten-free or special dietary requirements.
The tasting takes place in Italian and English.

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