d' Anfora
Terracotta Wine
Ancient Method

A particular product deserves special and unique packaging.
For this reason, we have decided to make extraordinary the package that contains our Vernaccia di San Gimignano fermented in Terracotta Amphora.
A container made entirely by hand, with an original and exclusive shape.

The Raggio d’Anfora is an IGT Tuscan white wine made with 100% Vernaccia of San Gimignano. These grape grown in San Gimignano since medieval times, and they perfectly adjust their self to our climate and soil. Our Raggio is made with vines very old almost 50 years, this thing allow the grape to be more rich with flavour and aromas, because the roots can take by soil more mineral.

Appellation Title: Tuscan White

Classification: IGT

Vintage: 2018

Composition: 100% Vernaccia di San Gimignano

Alcohol content: 14,5% vol.

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198,50 EUR

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A typical working day during a challenging year like that of 2021.
This was the moment when the idea for this package was born.
A couple of fellow compatriots come to us, ready to enjoy a tasting experience.
During lunch, we talk, discuss and enter into confidence.
They both fall in love with the unique flavor of our Raggio d’Anfora, deciding to buy a bottle.
During the experience, the gentleman tells me that he is a passionate of woodworking and that he has been building baseball bats for a lifetime for the local team in his city in northern Italy.
Saying goodbye and having now made friends with the whole family, they asked us for an empty bottle of Raggio because he wanted to try to make a box for our particular bottle, promising to send us the results.
Sometime later, here comes a pack with 2 of these magnificent wooden boxes, one strikingly converted into a nativity scene by the lady.
We fell in love with these boxes’ beauty, skill, and craftsmanship, deciding to order a few more for our beloved customers this year.
Each box is a unique piece made with different wood (some are cypress and have a crazy scent).

The Raggio is one of our more caratteristic wine. The oldest method of winemaking, recreate old aromas and the old emotion. We this kind of winemaking we rediscover the pleasure to make everthing slower.


Raggio d’Anfora is dedicated to Giacomo and his warm smile that brightens every day. Giacomo is the author of the label and we want to say a very big “Thank You” for all of his help.


Visual Analysis: golden yellow
Olfactory Analysis: aroma has floral notes of wisteria and hawthorn, with some spice and hints of dry fruits
Taste Analysis: soft and delicate on the palate with well-balanced acidity


Raggio D’Anfora is a structured white wine that pairs perfectly with fish, white meat and vegetables. It should be served at 13˚C/55˚F.