Natural wine and oil from Tuscany, Italy

Vino biologico e olio dalla Toscana

Profumo della Marronaia


During a family trip in Piemonte we decided to have a wine-tasting.
Is here that we discovered The “Barolo Chinato”, a sweet and sour wine, typical of Piemontese tradition.
This wine was born in 1891, adding to the Barolo DOCG, ethyl alcohol, that was previously slowly fermented with few different herbs, and sugar.
As we tasted this wine we felt in love with it, and slowly in our hearts grew the idea to produce our own version of the “Chinato”.
When we came back we immediately decided to send in Piemonte our Sangiovese to a specialized farm that for us, produced our personal version of Chinato: The Profumo della Marronaia.

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This Aromatic wine in the past was used as a cure for little sickness due to cold temperatures, in fact was also served hot. Was also used like a digestif at the and of the meals.
Food pairing
For its alcoholic content between 15° and 18° degrees, the aromatic smell and the sweet and sour taste, today is used like an elegant digestif at the end of the meal or like meditation wine. For its aromatic percistence it’s very good to pair with dark chocolate.

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