della Marronaia

Orazio della Marronaia is an important wine to our family and the legacy of Podere La Marronaia.

Appellation Title: Super Tuscan

Classification: IGT

Vintage: 2014

Composition: 50% Sangiovese 25% Merlot 25% Cabernet

Alcohol content: 14,5%

Aging: 3 years in oak barrels

169,50 EUR
101,70 EUR

This unique blend consists of 50% Sangiovese, 25% Merlot, and 25% Cabernet grapes from Podere Fornicchiaia, our vineyard near Siena. It is then fermented in cement tanks and then aged for 3-years in oak barrels.

This wine was dedicated to Orazio, Luigi’s father. He was a school headmaster in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa. Teacher Dei was known as a kind and authoritative person of great values. He passed along his wisdom to generations of students who still remember him with sincere admiration.

Visual Analysis: deep red with purple hues
Olfactory Analysis: bold aroma of red fruits, such as sour cherries and raspberries, nuances of wood, tobacco, and leather
Taste Analysis: bold, balanced acidity and full-bodied with intense tannins and lingering notes of chocolate and vanilla

Orazio della Marronaia pairs perfectly with strong flavors, such as red meat, game, spicy foods, and dark chocolate. It should be served between 18°C-20°C/64°F-68°F.