Organic Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Condiment Medium Vinegar

You know that here at Podere La Marronaia, we love and appreciate a wine in all its forms. This leads our family to try something that is not really in the Tuscan tradition, but it’s a real Italian institution.

For this reason, we decided to start the production of 3 different kinds of balsamic vinegar cooperating with a real Acetaia in Modena, combining their knowledge and our grapes.


47,00 EUR

Our Balsamic Condiment – La Marronaia is a young product, thick with a marked tendency for the sweet, scented, brilliant, like best balsamic. It is produced using the last grapes harvest musts.

It’s made using cooked grapes must with direct flame and wine vinegar. It has no colorants, preservatives, or thickeners.


Expert Tips

Sensory analysis


Appearance: Limpid and brilliant.

Color: Brilliant dark brown intense.

Smell: Persistent and sweet.

Flavor: Marked tendency for sweet.

Shelf life: Highly conserve (10 years). Ph and sugary concentrations are natural obstacles to the development of unwanted bacteria.

Food pairing

In the kitchen, it combines perfectly with simple and composed salads, carpaccio, and bresaola. Also perfect with seasonal fruit and ice-creams.



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