Chilli Pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

La Marronaia’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is infused with Siena Hot Pepper. It comes in a 250-ml bottle made from uvag glass to preserve it’s quality. Characterized by an intense flavor and a yellow gold color, it embodies all the flavors of our best olive groves combined with the slight heat of Sienese chili. It is not very spicy! This is in fact one of our most unique and traditionally Tuscan infusions.

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The chili has a tradition of being used by humans. Initially used to store food, it then served to flavor pasta dishes and soups, salads, and main dishes. Today we particularly appreciate its beneficial digestive, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.
When our best extra virgin olive oil, 100% Tuscan and produced exclusively with traditional methods, met carefully selected chiles in our hinterland, Extra Virgin La Marronaia Olive Oil flavored with chili was born.
The handy 250-ml bottle made from durable Ultra Violet Absorbing Glass (uvag glass) is ideal for packed lunches during mountain trails or tourist excursions on our romantic hills.

The Chef’s Advice

Extra Virgin La Marronaia Olive Oil with Siena flavored chili is ideal as a dressing for your dishes. It dresses both classic winter soups and cold summer dishes perfectly.
The black cabbage Farinata, for example, is obtained by combining several vegetables, plus black cabbage. Like all traditional Tuscan soup, it is served piping hot and seasoned raw with extra virgin olive oil drizzle. Try it using the Extra Virgin La Marronaia Olive Oil flavored with chili to give your dish a definite touch and a spicy aftertaste that enhances the flavor of vegetables and legumes.


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