Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Liter

La Marronaia’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes in a 1-liter bottle made from uvag glass to preserve its quality. This is an irreplaceable product in any pantry. The key to good cooking is high quality olive oil – you will absolutely be able to taste the difference!
This extra virgin olive oil is a hallmark green mint or golden yellow, depending on its maturation. It provides a full-bodied taste, yet remains light on the palate. It presents a unique flavor with an almost fruity aroma and slightly bitter aftertaste, typical of high-quality oils, especially from San Gimignano Tuscany.

Produced exclusively in Tuscany through a careful care process and selection of the best olive trees, all of our oils are healthy, delicious and suitable for any food and cooking. There are so many

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The farm La Marronaia is the realization of a family dream.

It is a pristine place that houses typical Tuscan products in a sustainable way of respecting the environment and its inhabitants.
We only use traditional agriculture methods without chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers and follow a production process that includes cold pressing and does not control the oil to filtration, leaving characteristics and organoleptic properties intact.
Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a 100% Italian product, coming directly to your tables from our mill to give a unique, high-quality flavor. Savor its inviting flavor on your food, whether cooked or raw: our oil enhances each flavor with a typical and traditional feel, but one that is never invasive.

A 1-liter bottle is ideal in the kitchen. Always have this high-quality oil on hand to dress and prepare your own meals with taste and elegance. The particular uvag glass (Ultra Violet Absorbing Glass) is also characterized by a resistance to internal pressure higher than that of a common glass and favors more the preservation of the product in its original form.

4 reviews for 1-Liter Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  1. Karen

    I LOVE this olive oil, you just can’t buy stuff that tastes anywhere near as good in the stores. As soon as I smell it or taste it I’m back in Italy at La Marronaia. NOTHING compares to the taste of this! It is now a regular order as nothing else is good enough

  2. mondon

    Very ecellent olive oil I i use it zspecially for salades and cakes…Each time i go in tuscana I buy some bottles

  3. mondon

    Very excellent olive oil.I use it for salades and cakes.

  4. mondon

    I never tastrd such an olive oil before I is the reason for witch I want to buy 6 bttles of it.

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