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Mille Luci - Lamp Kit

Eat, Season, Recycle

Recycling requires efforts on the part of everyone but means the difference for the earth. Why throw away a beautiful bottle of wine or olive oil? So many memories and so many emotions…

Giving new life to an old object is a conscious choice to save our planet.



That’s why, in our little way, we thought that the best way to preserve memories and emotions and respect the earth at the same time is turning the bottles into everyday objects that will become part of our life, giving us the pleasure to enjoy of beautiful and useful things.

Mille luci Lamp Kit, a Tuscan excellence that becomes a unique and exclusive piece of furniture in our home, a memory that lives again in our days. A smart recycle.

Purchase now our Mille luci Lamp Kit and be a part of this change.

Mille luci Lamp Kit is composed of:

  • Handmade fabric lampshade made by local craftsmen (customizable upon request)
  • Electrical connection with brass support for the light bulb lodging.