Super Tuscan & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Experience

When it comes to Super Tuscan you have the chance to renew Tuscan white and red wines that are not regulated by the D.O.C.G rules. New tastes, new aromas, and new feelings able to enrich the Tuscan grape “par excellence”, the Sangiovese red grape. In these past few years, the Super Tuscans have become increasingly popular both in Italy and abroad.
That’s why we have organized a Super Tuscan exclusive wine tasting, so you will have the chance to try our organic and bio-dynamic products.

From: 40,00 EUR

Experience Description

The Super Tuscan & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting will start with the tour of our Vernaccia vineyard, one of the oldest in San Gimignano.

Once at your table we will introduce you to our organic and biodynamic products, both wine and extra virgin Olive oil. It will be a tasty guided journey of at least 4 Super Tuscan wines from the vineyards of Podere la Marronaia, including two classics of the farm, our Intenso della Marronaia, and our Raggio d’Anfora della Marronaia.  Everything will be paired with high-quality and homemade Tuscan snacks and bruschetta.

DSCF0103 - La Marronaia - super tuscan

What’s Included

  • Private experience
  • Guided tour of our Vernaccia Vineyard
  • Guided tasting of 4/5 biodynamic wines and 6 extra virgin olive oils of our production
  • Selection of Tuscan snacks and bruschetta
  • Water
  • Free parking and walking distance to town
  • Duration: 60 minutes

As our company is biodynamic and organic, we DO NOT SERVE commercial drinks like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Fanta, or similar. Instead, we ONLY SERVE our natural wines and water because flavors that are too sweet or strong would ruin the tasting.