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The refinement is the period between the end of the fermentation and the bottling of thee wine. Its duration varies substantially as a function of a number of factors that characterize the wine itself.
The purpose of this process is to allow the wine a smooth evolution of processes that constitute the color, aroma, and flavor.
Traditionally, this conservation is done in oak barrels and the choice is not random. If at first the wooden frame is well predisposed to the transport of wine, later it was discovered that it has the ability to positively influence the evolutionary process.
In addition to hiring a particular flavor, the wine aged in wood undergoes a delicate and natural oxidation process that gives it a harmonious maturation. At the same time, wine through this process holds up better conservation and is more inclined to aging, resisting a future oxidation.
Inside the Podere La Marronaia we only use carefully selected casks to ensure a traditional quality wine that makes you feel all the flavor of the true Tuscan tradition.

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