Natural wine and oil from Tuscany, Italy

Vino biologico e olio dalla Toscana

The Italian aperitif, especially the Tuscan one, is a real ritual of conviviality, where in an atmosphere of talk and relaxation you can slowly savor the wine with Mediterranean appetizers. An evening that you can recreate in your home with a few tricks.
For an appetizer that is Tuscan inspired, you must have wine that is lively but of character, being able to support the combination with pecorino cheese of various seasoning, olives, dried tomatoes and pickled vegetables, vegetarian mixed bruschetta, tomato, pesto or with a basis of pate meat, cold cuts, and typically salty and spicy flavors with Mediterranean flavors.
At the farm Podere Marronaia our tastings of Tuscan appetizers served with our wines are always greatly appreciated. The protagonist labels are white Visila of Marronaia, Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG, which is soft, fresh, and structured, and the rosè Rosa della Marronaia, a summer wine par excellence, rich in fruity and floral aromas, ideal to enjoy fresh appetizers.