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Syrah is a red grape variety whose distant and fascinating origins are lost to history, feeding myths and legends that have been handed down to the present day.
It is now one of the ten most cultivated and marketed varieties in the world, and the main component of the most important international red wines and the subject of much scientific research and reflection.
This particular species of vine keeps most of its aromatic properties in other hot environments. It has strong characteristics that give rise to rich and complex wines, with strong aromatic components.
Syrah is often attached to the Sangiovese, which is able to enhance its properties and at the same time meet the color deficiencies, alcohol content, and structure.
Given its characteristics that distinguish it as a valuable and high-quality grape variety, Syrah is often used for the production of DOCG, DOC, and IGT.
In the heart of the Tuscan hills we host this valuable vine that gives our wines a fresh touch. It is enriched by the presence of deep black currant fruit, blackberry, and plum with a spicy undercurrent.
All of our grapes come from certified organic farming without pesticides and using the method of integrated control.