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The Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin (DOCG) is a trademark of Italian origin, which indicates to the consumer the geographical origin of a wine.
The DOCG name must necessarily be indicated on the label and is a category attributed to wines produced in specific geographical areas in respect of a specific product specification.
The certification is for recognized DOCG wines that have been considered DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) for at least ten years. It is particularly valuable to wines with relevant characteristics from the point of view of quality and for the incidence of traditional natural, human, and historical elements.
Before being put on the market, these wines must undergo chemical-physical analysis and an organoleptic test scan during production, which is then repeated, batch by batch, in the bottling stage. Finally, DOCG wines are also subjected to sensory analysis performed by a special commission. Failure to comply with these requirements results in the win not being granted this brand label.
The vineyards of Podere La Marronaia, in the heart of the Tuscan hills, reproduce all the excellence of DOCG wines with a wide selection that aims to offer only the excellence of traditional Tuscan products.