A Tuscan Organic Farm in San Gimignano

The farm Podere La Marronaia extends in the countryside of San Gimignano, near the Val d’Elsa, in the Province of Siena, Tuscany, Italy.

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The vineyard in the mist of the morning

Azienda Agricola Podere La Marronaia consists of three farms and extends in the countryside of San Gimignano and Siena. The first original manor, Podere la Marronaia, purchased in 2000, were added to the Podere le Colonne and Podere Fornicchiaia.

On all farms it has been maintained the original destination and prevalence of grapes and olive tree growing, converting to organic cultivation methods.
Currently the farm retains a dynamic and modern family-run business by the family Dei-Morrocchi and produces red, white and rosé wines from traditional varieties of the territory and extra virgin olive oil. All wines are organic agriculture ICEA-certified.

Organic farming, a conscious choice

The preference for organic farming has been present since the beginning in the professional and life project started with the recovery of the Podere La Marronaia. The strong desire of a “return to earth”, to the slow and genuine rhythms and at the same time to open their own lives and their own project, to a tourism and a market of products aimed to people with the same values of respect for nature. The lands have been converted gradually at different times, starting right from those of Podere La Marronaia and after a conversion period during which have been purified by chemical products, they have been certified by ICEA (Institute of Ecological and Environmental Certification). At the time, Luigi and Silvia were among the first in the area to choose to produce wine with biological criteria.

Tuscan olives on a branch
Our olives cultivated with natural methods and care
Luigi in our vineyards with Gina on the back


Why grow organic?

This question was addressed to Luigi hundreds of times. The decision came at a time when the organic was not yet as known as today and the answer is not limited to mere agronomic or commercial decisions, but it is for a philosophy of life and a strong emotional motivation.

Organic vine roots
The vine roots that started our adventure
Taking care of a part our vineyards

Transferring their life and projects to La Marronaia, Luigi and Silvia wanted to rediscover and to make Pietro and Corrado discover, each day the pleasure of direct contact with nature and animals, to enjoy spending time watching the changing seasons in the vineyards and all this could only be fully experienced with a choice which mainly foresaw a great respect for the ‘environment.
At the time Pietro and Corrado were children and played all day in the open air in the vineyard and in the garden.
It was exactly the idea that among those rows, their children in the first place, just playing could breathe and touch chemicals that convinced Luigi and Silvia to experience organic farming, immediately changing the address of the farm and starting a more conscious cultivation.
A choice that has led, inevitably, an increase in the seasonal work, but after many years gave satisfaction, starting with the presence of some species of susceptible birds that inhabit the garden at La Marronaia, to the good results in the production of wine and oil.

Organic farming in practice

Growing organically considers the agricultural ecosystem as a whole. It exploits the natural fertility of the soil favoring limited interventions, using natural regulatory mechanisms and promoting the biodiversity of the environment in which it operates.
The philosophy behind this new way of farming is not only related to the intention to offer products without chemical residues, but involves the whole business cycle with the desire to protect the environment and all those who work in the farm and to promote working and life conditions.

Our products: olive oil and organic wine

The vineyards of the farm extend in San Gimignano and Siena countryside.
The choice was to give priority to indigenous grapes such as Vernaccia and Sangiovese, which on this territory can express the highest levels. Organic farming in small production respects the tradition and authenticity.

Organic grapes
The grapes
Organic wine made in Tuscany
Our products

Currently the production counts on 7 wines including Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Rosato, Chianti Colli Senesi, different Sangiovese.
Behind the birth of each bottle, lies a story, now linked to the particular grape or type of wine, but most often linked to the sentimental appearance of the family. As Luigi and Silvia love to say “often the strongest motivation that convinces us to produce a new wine, it is to dedicate it to dear persons”.
And so here we have the one dedicated to Nonna Rosa (Rosa della Marronaia), one dedicated to Silvia (Visila della Marronaia), one that reflects Luigi (Intenso della Marronaia) the wine dedicated to the sons Pietro and Corrado (Pico della Marronaia), one dedicated to Berger, our Bergamasco Sheepdog (Nottolo della Marronaia) and that of the whole family (Quattrorsi della Marronaia)
The olive grove, divided into two plots, offers a spectacle of noble and resistant plants. The olive trees are native varieties of Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio, and all stages of harvestconv, storage and crushing respect the disciplinary tradition. The result is an oil at zero kilometers, the bearer of the benefits and healthy organoleptic properties of this dressing star of the Mediterranean diet. The intense flavor, with a slight bitter aftertaste and with the characteristic hint of spiciness, is the authentic traditional Tuscan oil, which does not compromise with the industrial flavor.

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