Marronaia’s Family Wine Club

Dear Friends,

We present to you our Family Wine Club.

we have noticed that many of you have become fond of us and our wines, so to be closer to you and to bring you some of our family stories directly to your home we created an easy and fast method to taste our best selections of products, both wine and E.V.O oils.

Moreover, after you become part of our Family Club, you will get special gift boxes in each shipping and special and customized advantages just for you.

Discover Tuscany in all its forms!

Be part of our Family by choosing one of our selections!

At the moment that you choose one of our selection you will receive our Family Welcome Kit and our Marronaia ’s Family Wine Club Certificate with a special discount code on all our products valid for 2 years.

Pietro and Corrado selection
525 €/year
12 bottles in total
9 Bottles of Wine
2 Bottles of Oil
1 Bottle of Balsamic Vinegar
4 Gift
2 night in our farm house
Luigi and SILVIA selction
1300 €/year
24 bottles in total
16 Bottles of Wine
7 Bottles of Oil
2 Bottles of Balsamic Vinegar
3 Special Gift
1 Magnum
4 night in our farm house
Special Discount on our selected restaurant
FAMILY selection
50 bottles in total
40 Bottles of Wine
7 Bottles of Oil
3 Bottles of Balsamic Vinegar
3 Special Gift
2 Magnum
1 Top Product
6 night in our farm house
Special Discount on our selected restaurant
Special Discount for Spa Entrance

Family Selection

As a family selection Member, you are at our most exclusive and familiar level. You will have the opportunity to experience Tuscany and especially our Family Farm in all its shade. The selection includes 2 shippings of 12 bottles and 2 shipping of 13 bottles , that will contain our most prestigious wines and EVO oils as well as Magnum size bottles.

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Luigi & Silvia Selection

As a Luigi & Silvia Selection Member you will receive 4 shippings of 6 bottles.

This will help you to get to know all our production of wines and EVO oils that are 2 the most important Tuscan products. With this kind of offer you have the chance to discover each wine we produce and each oil that we make. A wide range of products selected directly from the 2 pillars of our farm.

Pietro & Corrado Selection

As a Member of the Pietro & Corrado selection you will receive 4 fresh and creative shippings composed of 3 products each. A particular selection chose by the 2 young men of Podere La Marronaia.

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