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Podere La Marronaia

San Gimignano

Podere la Marronaia is a little jewel set on a hill, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, a few km from the historic center of San Gimignano, in a very scenic location.

The unique architecture of the property, which immediately drew the attention of Luigi and Silvia was the old watch tower, located in the central part of the building.

From the info found in the historical archives of the town, it was discovered that this tower was part of a larger group of fortifications, towers, built around 1200 to defend the city of San Gimignano. Already at that time the property reported as “Magronaja”, due to the current “Marronaia”.

In subsequent temple lost the vocation of the defense, the old tower along with the lands around, is transformed into a “farm” with agricultural land mainly planted with wheat and onions and is one of the richest families of San Gimignano property (Chiarenti and Ficarelli): good dowry for young women of the family.

In the XIX century Podere la Marronaia is owned by the Monastery of St. Jerome; in the XXI century changes to private property. Today the building is named among the “special historical and artistic interest” heritage of the city.

The path of Luigi and Silvia for her recovery has been an adventure to the rediscovery of the past.

Podere Le Colonne- Sosta Alle Colonne

 San Gimignano

Podere le Colonne consists of a beautiful stone cottage in a typical Tuscan style with adjoining land of vineyards and olive groves and the cellar for the vinification of its wines.

Born as an agricultural farm, the building has been inhabited by many families of San Gimignano, always maintaining the same address as olive oil and wine farming.

In the 70’s the house was finally restored until it assumed the present conformation. The renovation work was faithfully respects the traditional Tuscan style, giving light and splendor to what had been forgotten and enhancing architectural details precious present.

The particularly favorable location puts Podere le Colonne at the entrance of San Gimignano, easy to reach on foot and by car. An enjoyable garden with views of the city towers and Vernaccia vineyards of San Gimignano, adds value to what is already beautiful has the property.


Podere Fornicchiaia


Podere Fornicchiaia is the last Podere added to Podere la Marronaia. The farm is located in the town of Siena, in a centuries-old landscape value.

The farm consists of vineyards planted with red grape, olive groves, of land devoted to arable and forest with old trees.

Particularly valuable the production of extra virgin olive oil with different crop varieties: Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio and Correggiolo.