Wine & Kitchen : 5 Recipes Where You Can Use Wine for Cooking

Wine is a delicious beverage able to enhance the flavors of many dishes if it is paired properly.
You need to know that wine is the best ingredient to use if you want to give more flavor to your dish. It is very versatile, you can use it in the appetizer and in the dessert as well.

Below we list 5 recipes in which all dishes contain nuances of wine.


Antipasto: Onions flavored with our Vernaccia of San Gimignano

Pasta: Homemade Pasta flavored with our Chianti Colli Senesi

Main: Grilled Steak with wine sauce

Side dish: Salty tart ( Flavored tart dough )

Dessert: Wine Cake

Antipasto: Onions flavored with our Vernaccia of San Gimignano

Ingredients for 4 people:

800 gr ( or 28,22 ounces ) of white onions

100 ml ( or 0,42 cups ) of Vernaccia of San Gimignano

1 leaf of dry laurel

A bunch of parsley

40 gr ( or 1,41 ounces ) of butter

Salt & Pepper to season


Peel the onions, wash them and cut them into thin slices.

In a pan add the butter into small pieces, add the onions and the laurel. Spread on top of the wine and also 100 ml of water. Season with salt and pepper.

Put the covered pan on a stove and cook everything over low heat for 30 minutes, mixing occasionally. If they dry out, add water. Serve the onions on a piece of toasted Tuscan bread.

Pasta:  Homemade Pasta flavored with Red Wine

Ingredients for 4 people:

400 gr ( or 14,11 ounces ) of semolina flour

160 gr ( or 5,64 ounces ) of Chianti Colli Senesi

4 yolks

A pinch of salt


Make a hole in the flour, pour in the wine, the egg yolks and salt in the center.

Mix with a fork by gradually dropping the flour in the center.

When it begins to thicken continue to knead for a long time with your hands until you get a firm and homogeneous dough.

Take 1 part, cover it with flour and flatten it. Take a pasta machine and roll it until you obtain a thin foil. Repeat the operation for all the pieces, then roll up each foil and cut it in slices large a 7 mm ( millimeters ).

Now your Tagliatelle is ready and you can cook them in boiling and salty water, season with your chosen sauce.

Main Course: Grilled Steak with Chianti Classico sauce

Ingredients for 4 people

2 steaks

Salt and black pepper

3 full spoons of EVO oil, and a little more to dress the steaks at the end

6 spoons of cold butter

1 onion finely chopped

1 spoon of minced garlic

1 teaspoon of dry oregano

¼ cup of tomato paste

2 ½ cups of dry red wine


Prepare the Barbecue.

Sprinkle the steaks with salt, pepper and the 3 tablespoons of EVO oil.

Grill on the barbecue, more or less 5 minutes per side. Transfer the steaks on a cut-board and let relax 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, let melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a big pan, add the onion and let them fry until they soften, you will need 5 minutes. Add salt.

Add now the garlic and the Oregano, let fry for 30 seconds. Add now the tomato paste and let it cook for 2 minutes, mixing continuously. Add the wine. Cook until the sauce has been reduced to half its initial quantity, mixing occasionally. When it’s ready, filter the sauce in a small bowl, removing all the residues from the filter, move again the sauce in the pan, warm it again and add slowly the rest of the butter in small pieces. Add salt and pepper.

Cut the steaks in slices, serve with the wine sauce on, adding also a little bit more of EVO oil.

Side Dish: Salty tart ( Flavored dough with wine )

Ingredients for the wine – flavored tart dough:

100 gr ( or 3,52 ounces ) of white wine

80 gr ( or 2,82 ounces ) of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

300 gr ( or 10,58 ounces ) of flour

A pinch of salt

Stuffing Ingredients:

300 gr ( or 10,58 ounces ) of Ricotta Cheese

100 gr ( or 3,52 ounces ) of ham

2 zucchini

1 egg

2 full tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper


Start with cooking the zucchini. Put a little bit of EVO oil, the zucchini, some parsley, and salt in a pan and let them cook.

After preparing the dough for the tart: mix all the ingredients ( so the wine, the oil, the flour, and the salt) in a big bowl until obtain a smooth ball.

Divide it into 2 parts and roll the dough.

Cover a baking tin with baking paper and put on the top part of the rolled dough.

With a fork prick the dough.

Prepare now the stuffing mixing the Ricotta cheese with a beaten egg, slowly add all the ingredients, a pinch of salt and the zucchini.

Fill up the base with the stuffing and then cover it with the remaining rolled dough, seal the edges well, and with a fork prick the dough.

Cook the Salty tart for 45 minutes at 180° C ( or 356°F ).

Dessert: Wine Cake

The Wine Cake is a soft and fragrant dessert, which particular aroma is due to cinnamon and cloves.

The dough, which flavor remind the Mulled Wine one, it’s enriched with cocoa, dark chocolate, and red wine.


150 ml of red wine (around 0,63 cups)

250 gr of 00 Flour (all-purpose flour)

4 eggs

250 gr of butter (room temperature)

250 gr of sugar

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

20 gr of dark cocoa powder

150 gr of dark Chocolate

16 gr of baking powder (for cakes)

In a mixer put the room temperature butter chopped in pieces; add sugar and let the machine work until you obtain a cream. Separate the yolks from the egg whites (you’ll need them later, so preserve them) and add slowly the yolks to the buttercream. Mix them and add cinnamon and the powder of cloves. Add also the cocoa powder and the red wine, mix until you obtain a cream with the same color. Transfer now the dough in a bowl, add the sifted flour mixed with baking powder and mix everything.

In another bowl whip up the egg whites, when ready add them to the dough and, fold them slowly.

Chop in thin pieces the dark chocolate and add to the dough.

Put everything in a baking tin and cook the cake in the oven at 130˚ C ( 266˚ F ) for 80 minutes.

When it’s ready let the cake cool down and garnish with whipped cream or powdered sugar.

Enjoy it!!