The History of Dino

Millenium Dino

Dear friends,

By now you will realise that behind our wines and our labels there is always a story …

This is our latest label: Millenium Dino of Marronaia – Chianti Classico DOCG 2014.

Millennium Dino was our first Bergamasco Shepherd puppy, he arrived at Marronaia in 2000 a few weeks after we bought the farm.

Why a Bergamasco Shepherd puppy? Because the Bergamasco Shepherd is a special dog. Cute and sweet natured but with a strong character; very suitable for a family with strong values

Millennium Dino was for me and Corrado, a true four-legged brother. He grew up with us and lived with us through the renovation of our house and the early days of setting up the company.

Much loved not only by us but also by our farmhouse guests, Dino left us in 2010 but remains ever present in our lives and in our memories. This is why we have decided to honor him and show how important he was to us by dedicating this precious wine.


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