Romantic Escape in Tuscany – 8 Romantic things to do

Romantic escape in Tuscany 1 - La Marronaia -

Visit the village of Lucignano

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Lucignano is a little Medieval village situated between Siena and Arezzo, in the middle of Valdichiana area. The village is known like the “Village of Love”, this because there is guarded “The tree of Love”. This Gothic reliquary is a true gold working masterpiece. The legend narrate that the tree can seal couples love promises and give them eternal luck and happiness.

Hot-air balloon excursion

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Visit during a suggestive flight on a hot-air balloon Sienese sky and admire the Chianti Area, with its hills, vineyards and olive groves from a different point of view. At the end you have also the chance to have a typical Tuscan breakfast or toast with a good glass of sparkling wine.

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Pienza: Stroll around the Love Paths

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Pienza is a little village that has Renaissance origins situated in the south part of Tuscany, very famous for the Pecorino Cheese (Sheep cheese). Apart the typical food, that is anyway delicious, the historic center of this romantic hamlet is plenty of nice alleys named in honor of Love: like “Via del Bacio” ( Kiss Alley) or “ Via dell’Amore” (Love Alley). Pienza is also full of panoramic points where you can admire the beautiful panorama tight in a hug with your partner.

Magic Countryside

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Rent a nice FIAT 500 and travel the “Chiantigiana Road”, the ancient road that connect Florence to Siena (today the name of the road is SS222). The road twist and turn through hills, hamlets, castles and abbeys.

Wonderful scenery to discover in two.

Have a Wine-tasting in San Gimignano and discover its wonders


Here at Podere La Marronaia we’re fans of Love in all its forms. Come to visit us for an exclusive and private wine-tasting in front of San Gimignano famous towers surrounded by our vineyards and the warmth of our family.

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After the wine-tasting stroll around San Gimignano alleys, visit Piazza della Cisterna and the romantic “Rocca di Montestaffoli” an old fortress that contains a beautiful garden with olive trees and a beautiful panoramic view.

Walk or drive along Cypresses Avenue

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Walk along the beautiful and breathtaking Cypresses Avenue near Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci. Reach Bolgheri and visit the little hamlet and its Medieval Castle.

Relax at Thermal Baths

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If you are a little bit more adventurous you can try the free and natural thermal baths of Saturnia, in the south part of Tuscany, they are a natural wonder but there aren’t all the comforts that can offer a thermal bath on payment ( like showers or locker rooms ). If you are near Florence instead you can try the Thermal Baths of Asmana Wellness Center, a beautiful complex with a lot of different hot swimming pools,  Turkish baths, and saunas. Here you can also enjoy a delicious gourmet light lunch or dinner ( they’re open until midnight ) or have a special drink sitting inside the indoor or outdoor swimming pool ( Asmana offers a real bar inside water ).

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Visit Cortona and have lunch or dinner at the restaurant “Da Tonino”

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Cortona is another Tuscan jewel situated near Arezzo. Stroll around its alleys and visit Santa Margherita Cathedral and visit the Archaeological Park of the city. After the long walk take a break with a delicious Tuscan lunch in the terrace with the view of the restaurant “Da Tonino” situated at the end of the main alley in a little square that has a beautiful panoramic point.

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