How to prepare for a wine-tasting in a few simple steps.

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There is a big difference between drinking wine and tasting wine. To taste it we need to follow some rules.

Here you have few simple steps to prepare for a wine tasting in the best way.

The Location

It’s very important WHERE you taste the wine. A place with light walls could be useful for an excellent evaluation of the wine color, also the location has to be free of odors, otherwise external smells could contaminate the wine fragrance.

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Strong Food

It’s important not to eat food that has strong flavors before the wine-tasting.

Wine Temperature

Low temperatures tend to highlight the aggressive characteristics of the wine and weaken the soft one. It’s very important to taste the wine at the right temperature to appreciate its properties.

Usually it is perfect if you taste white wine between 12 ° – 14° C (degrees) and red wine between 16 ° – 20° C .

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How many wines can I taste?

Don’t taste too many kinds of wines, a maximum of 10.

Logical Sequence

It’s recommended to follow a logical sequence during a wine tasting. It’s always a good choice to start with light wines, usually young whites, continue with full-bodied and rich reds arriving at the end with the tasting of dessert wines.

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How to hold the wine glass

It’s a good habit to hold the wine glass by its stem or also by its base, this way you avoid warming up the wine. You can hold the wine glass by the belly if it’s your intention to heat up it because for you the wine was served at the wrong temperature.

Rotation of the wine glass

Continue to hold the glass by its stem,  rotate it slowly to let the glass inside become wet with the wine. With this movement you can understand both the fluidity as well as the alcoholic percentage of the wine:

– If the wine flows in a rapid way, means that it’s light,

– If the wine develops little, narrow arches, that flow slowly, means that the wine is full-bodied, rich and quite alcoholic.

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The 3 Basic Rules: 

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1. The sight

With just few glimpses you can understand a lot about a wine.

The first look is to understand the intensity of the wine, through the little arches I was explaining about before. The second look is for the color of the wine, the more intense it is more intense is the wine.

Finally the third look: with this one you can understand the age of a wine: If the wine is a young white you will see green shades inside it, if it’s a young red instead you will see purple shades.

2. The sense of smell

It’s important to smell the wine; through this action we can obtain a lot of information about the wine like its strength and vigour, established by its aroma intensity. Also the richer is the range of fragrances the more complex is the wine. The wine has to be sniffed lightly and more than one time, this way you can capture all its shades.

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3. The taste

The wine has to be tasted twice. The second time you taste it you have to mix wine and air, this way you can amplify gustatory or tasting perceptions. After you swallow, stop for 10/15 seconds to understand the aftertaste of the wine.