Let’s discover Pizza and Wine Pairings

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Pizza, the beloved Italian creation, has captured the hearts and taste buds of people all around the world. Whether you prefer the classic Margherita or enjoy experimenting with toppings like spicy salami, mushrooms, or even something more particular like gourmet pizza ( very popular here in Italy ) with fish tartar and burrata or wild boar sauce , there’s no denying the universal appeal of pizza. And what better way to enhance your pizza experience than by pairing it with the perfect wine? In this article, we’ll delve into the art of pizza and wine pairings, helping you discover the delightful combinations that elevate your meal to new heights and to let you understand that pizza and wine can be better that pizza and beer.

Finding Balance: The Basics of Pizza and Wine Pairing

The key to a successful pizza and wine pairing lies in achieving a harmonious balance of flavors. Pizza can be a canvas of diverse tastes and textures, from the acidity of tomato sauce to the richness of cheese and the saltiness of various toppings. To create a winning pairing, consider these fundamental principles:


  • Match the Intensity: The intensity of your wine should complement the intensity of your pizza. Lighter pizzas, such as a classic Margherita or a vegetarian option, pair well with lighter wines. On the other hand, a meat-lover’s pizza with robust flavors calls for a fuller-bodied wine.


  • Consider the Sauce: The type of sauce on your pizza plays a crucial role in pairing. Tomato-based sauces often work well with wines that have higher acidity, such as Chianti. Cream-based sauces, as found on white pizzas, benefit from a richer white wine.


  • Balance the Toppings:** When selecting wine, take into account the dominant toppings.

Marronaia’s Wines Pizza Pairings

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Let’s find out how to pair our wines with the best – known pizza flavors.

Margherita Pizza with Nottolo della Marronaia: The simplicity of a Margherita pizza, with its tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil, pairs beautifully with a Chianti. The wine’s acidity cuts through the tomato sauce, while its fruity notes complement the basil.

Spicy salami ( or Pepperoni) Pizza with Quattrorsi della Marronaia: The spicy and savory notes of pepperoni find a perfect partner in the blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Syrah. This bold red wine balances the heat and richness of the pepperoni while enhancing the cheese and tomato sauce.

White Pizza with Mille Colori della Marronaia: A white pizza, topped with creamy ricotta, mozzarella, squash cream, with maybe a few slices of Prosciutto Crudo ham or some Italian sausage sings when paired with a buttery Mille Colori. The wine’s creamy texture and hints of oak complement the richness of the cheese and garlic.

Adventurous Pairings for the Culinary Explorer

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For those willing to venture beyond the classics, there are endless possibilities for creative pizza and wine pairings. Here are a few intriguing combinations to tantalize your taste buds:

Gourmet Pizza with shrimp tartare and burrata with Visila della Marronaia: The sweet and delicate notes of the shrimps and the burrata will meet and combine perfectly with the minerality of our Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza with Piuma della Marronaia: The saltiness of prosciutto and the peppery bite of arugula shine alongside a glass of crisp Prosecco. The wine’s effervescence refreshes the palate and elevates each bite.

Vegetarian Pizza with Intenso della Marronaia: A veggie-loaded pizza with mushrooms, bell peppers, and olives is well-suited to a Pinot Noir. This red wine’s earthy undertones and bright red fruit flavors complement the variety of vegetables.

Dessert Pizza and Wine Pairings

Don’t forget about dessert! Dessert pizzas deserve their own special wine pairings.

Dark Chocolate and red fruits Pizza with Orazio della Marronaia: It seems impossible but our meditation wine Orazio della Marronaia can truly be paired with a pizza. Cover you Pizza base with melted dark chocolate and some steamed red fruits, enjoy now an explosion of flavors!

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In conclusion, pizza and wine pairings offer a delightful journey of discovery for your taste buds. Whether you’re savoring a classic combination or embarking on a culinary adventure, the right wine can elevate your pizza experience to a whole new level. So, the next time you order your favorite pizza, consider pairing a Marronaia Wine to enhances the flavors and makes your meal truly memorable.

Cheers to the perfect pairing!

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