What to Eat With The Intenso Della Marronaia

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The History of The Wine 

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Source: Podere la Marronaia

The Intenso is a 100% Sangiovese wine strong and vigorous, full-body and complex.

It’s the wine that was born in honour of Luigi Dei, forefather of our activity. His strong and determined nature, and also his charm, are enclosed in this precious wine.

The Intenso was born in 2001 at first like Chianti of the hills of Siena DOCG, it was transformed in a red Tuscan IGT some years later. In  2010, a very good year for the Sangiovese grapes, Luigi wanted to retrace what his grandfather used to do in his farm in the Chianti Area: a wine with a long ageing in the bottle. That’s the way how the Intenso della Marronaia 10th– Limited Edition was born, a wine that had a great success between our clients and friends.

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Source: Podere la Marronaia

Characteristic of the Intenso della Marronaia

The Intenso is an IGT Tuscan red composed by pure Sangiovese grapes.

This grapes come from a vineyard near Podere la Marronaia that boast vines that are 60 years old.

This wine is ripe and has the ability to absorb and transmit the essence of the soil. It is born from organic grapes certified by SOT ICEA Toscana.

In the palate is an explosion of different tastes that glorify the Tuscan wine tradition, perfect to drink during special occasions.

The Perfect food to  eat while drinking Intenso

The Florentine Steak

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Source: Pixabay 

The history of the Florentine Steak is very ancient. Its tradition can be found during the celebration of San Lorenzo, the 10th August. During this celebration the city was lighten up by tones of big bonfire, where big quantities of beef meat  were roasted and allocated between the inhabitants.

Florence during The Medici Era was an important meeting point where you could meet a lot of travelers from all over the world. The story narrate that during the celebration of San Lorenzo there were some English Knights, and also to them were offered the traditional roasted meat. This Knight gave to this meat the name of “beef steak” referring to the kind of meat they were eating. This name was adapted in the current Italian language of that period and became the word “Bistecca”.

How to cook the Florentine Steak

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Source: Pixabay

When you want to cook the steak the meat has to be at room temperature. It has to weigh 1-1,5 kg and has to be high 5-6 cm.

To heat the grill we use abundant embers of wood carbon, better if it is oak, holm oak or olive tree carbon. The embers has to be without flames.

When the grill is ready put on top the steak without condiments, this passage is very important otherwise the steak become hard. You must turn the steak just one time and grill it for 3-5 minutes per side. After that you must grill the steak while it’s standing on the bone side, vertically, for 5-7 minutes.

You can combine Cannellini beans with extravirgin olive oil or salad as side dishes of the steak and obviously drink our Intenso della Marronaia.