Chrismas Menu - La Marronaia -

What to eat during the Christamas Lunch…in a real Italian way

Appetizer: Mushroom Crostoni


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200 g of Champignon Mushrooms

50 g of butter

150 g of fontina cheese in slices

Pinch of salt

8 slices of bread


Toast the bread into a toaster or in the oven, meanwhile clean up the Champignon removing the stern.

After wash the mushrooms with cold water, dry them and cut them in slices.

In a pan let the butter melt down, when become a little bit darker add the Champignon mixing them frequently and cook them for 2-3 minutes until they become golden.

Add salt, mix a little bit more and move them on the slices of bread already covered by the fontina cheese.

Cook the Crostoni in the oven for 2-3 minutes until the cheese melts down.

Enjoy them with a good glass of Visila della Marronaia, our special Vernaccia, 100% Vernaccia grapes, refreshing and crispy!

First Course: Caserecce with pumpkin and sausages

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400 g of Caserecce pasta ( you can also choose another kind of pasta)

300 g of pumpkin ( cleaned up and cutted in little cubes)

200 gr of sausages

1 scalogno onion


Salt and pepper

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Put the pumpkin, the scalogno an a spoon of evo oil in a pot. During the cooking add water until the pumpkin become soft.

When it’s ready, whip the pumpkin and move it into a pan letting the cream cook for 2 minutes more. Add salt and pepper.

In another pan put the crumbled sausages with rosmary. Cook everything with energetic flame for few minutes until the sausages become cooked and soft. Mix the pumpkin cream with the sausages.

Cook pasta in boiling water, when it’s ready put it in the pan with the sauce and mix everything.

The Caserecce are ready!! Enjoy them with a good glass of Nottolo della Marronaia, our Chianti Colli Senesi, light and fruity, perfect to pair with pasta!!

Main Course: Roasted Veal

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800 g of round steak (of veal)

A glass of white wine


Slice of garlic

2 leaves of sage

3 spoons of evo oil

Hot meat broth




Start massaging the meat uniformly with salt and pepper. In a pot let the meat brown in the olive oil and butter, turning it on all sides.

Simmer with white wine until reduced. Add the aromatic herbs, an abundant spoon of hot broth and the slice of garlic divided in an half. Let the meat seasoning after that put it in the already hot oven at 200° for 60-75 minutes, turning and wetting the meat frequently with its sauce. Let the meat relax 10 minutes in the oven before taking it out.

The Roasted Veal is Ready!! Enjoy it with a good glass of our Intenso della Marronaia, a 100% Sangiovese grapes wine, full-body and strong, perfect with these kind of dishes.

Dessert: Panettone with Mascarpone cream


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Ingredients for the cream

500 g of Mascarpone Cheese

125 g of Sugar

4 yolks (room temperature)

50 g of water


To prepare the cream, punt in a small pot the water and the sugar. Mix everything and bring the mixture at 121° ( measure using a Kitchen thermometer, if you don’t have, the syrup will be ready when on the surface appear little white bubbles ). Start than to whip the yolk up using electric whips. When they are ready pour the syrup inside the yolks and continue mixing until complete cooling. In a separate bowl dilute a little bit the Mascarpone Cheese with a spatula. Add to the Mascarpone, little by little, mixing from the bottom to the top until obtain an homogeneous cream.

The Cream is ready, you can use it to fill the Panettone or alone with pieces of dark chocolate!

Eat the cream with a good glass of our sparkling wine, Pima della Marronaia or our dessert wine, Santuccio della Marronaia!!