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Quarzo della Marronaia – A precious Rosè sparkling dedicated to Women all over the World

Description Quarzo Della Marronaia is a wine based on Sangiovese grapes, that we decided to develop starting from our 100% Sangiovese Rosè wine: The Rosa Della Marronaia. The grapes come from the vineyard of Podere La Marronaia, on the hills of San Gimignano, in the heart of Tuscany. The wine is fresh, dry and sparkling, […]

8 Things That You Need to Understand About Biodynamic Agriculture

Luigi spreading the Preparation 500

For the Biodynamic Agriculture the natural environment is ruled by superior strength and from spirits that we have to respect. The foundations of this agriculture were set up in 1920  from Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher. The basic principle of this discipline comes from the concept that the farm is a separate organism whose inhabitants […]

Romantic Escape in Tuscany – 8 Romantic things to do

Visit the village of Lucignano Lucignano is a little Medieval village situated between Siena and Arezzo, in the middle of Valdichiana area. The village is known like the “Village of Love”, this because there is guarded “The tree of Love”. This Gothic reliquary is a true gold working masterpiece. The legend narrate that the tree […]

Sangiovese: The wine of the gods

Sangiovese is Italy like Cabernet is France: they are wines that express a viticultural and wine-making identity. (Giacomo Tachis) The History of Sangiovese Source: Wikimedia The Sangiovese is one of the most diffused kind of grape in central Italy, and for sure, one of the most representative wine for this grape is Chianti Classico. In […]

Millecolori della Marronaia: The Shades of a White Superwine

The Millecolori della Marronaia is a grape -based wine of Vernaccia di San Gimignano, the typical vine of our town, and Chardonnay. The certified ICEAorganic grapes come from the vineyard of Podere le Colonne, on the hills of San Gimignano, in the heart of Tuscany. The soil devoid of residues of pesticides, mineralogy and southeast […]