8 Things That You Need to Understand About Biodynamic Agriculture

Luigi spreading the Preparation 500
Nature: Biodynamic Agriculture is based on the natural envirorment
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  • For the Biodynamic Agriculture the natural environment is ruled by superior strength and from spirits that we have to respect.
Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian Philosopher that created the fundamentals of the Biodynamic Production
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  • The foundations of this agriculture were set up in 1920  from Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher.
The Farm is the focus point of the Biodynamic, here you can see our farm Podere La Marronaia
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  • The basic principle of this discipline comes from the concept that the farm is a separate organism whose inhabitants are all interconnected with each other. Plants, animals and the farmer – but also their waste ( like animals manure and also the parts of the plants that remain on the ground after the harvest ), everything contributes to fertilize, nourish and keep healthy the whole ecosystem.
Chemical pesticides on a wheat field
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  • In this Agriculture discipline it’s strictly forbidden the usage of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, in their place are used preparations based on herbs, minerals, and natural substances.
The lunar phases
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  1. Biodynamic agriculture is also based on 3 important parameters:
  • the phases of the lunar cycle
  • the biodiversity
  • the preparations
The 4 Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air
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  • The lunar calendar used is based on the different parts that compose a plant: roots, stem and leaves, flowers and fruits, and on the 4 elements: earth, water, air and, fire. To obtain a good harvest we have to observe the lunar transit phases: for example if we want a good development of the roots, we need to sow when the moon passes through the Earth Zodiac signs, for the leaves when passing through the Water Zodiac Signs and so on, following this scheme:
  1. Root – Earth
  2. Leaves and Stem – Water
  3. Flower – Air
  4. Fruit – Fire
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  • In the Biodynamic Agriculture, it’s essential and necessary to make the association of plants that can support the growth of each other. The concept of biodiversity is, therefore, a concept according to which plants have a mutual and reciprocal relationship, so compatible plants must be placed nearby in order to favor their mutual growth.
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  • In this Agriculture are very important the Biodynamic preparations. The most famous is “ Preparation 500, horn manure ”that involves the use of cow manure, that has already given birth at least once.  We insert the manure inside a cow horn than we put it underground and let it ferment the whole winter. When it’s ready we mix it with warm water and then we spread it on the soil. This preparation is used to start the hummus formation process, necessary for the natural fertilization of the ground.