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Wine Tasting Etiquette

Many of you will not know that even during a wine tasting, there is a [...]

Why Wine Sometimes taste like Vinegar?

Needless to deny, when the wine tastes like vinegar, it is sick and impossible to [...]

All the secrets of the wine decanting

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How to Read A Wine Label Like a Pro: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Read A Wine Label or Learn the Essential Tips and Tricks on How [...]

Why is wine important to Italian Culture?

WINE IN ITALIAN CULTURE “Man differs from animals because he manufactures and consumes alcoholic products.” [...]

Vine Pruning 2022 – All you have to know, best practices

The length of the vine pruning Depending on the length of the branch, the pruning [...]

8 Types of Olive Oil

8 Types of Olive Oil – All you should know The olive oil is the [...]

Olive oil crop: All the secrets you must know.

Herbaceous stage: at this stage (usually towards the end of August), the olives are like [...]

The History of Truffles

The Greeks also used truffles in their cooking, as demonstrated by the philosopher Plutarch of [...]

10 Benefits of Drinking Wine

Undoubted 10 Benefits OF DRINKING RED WINE Wine has always been one of the most [...]

Dear Nonna Rosa… Let’s learn the meaning of our Rosa della Marronaia

This blog article is not going to be the classical one. Instead, I stole Pietro [...]

Biodynamic Agriculture – 3 things you must know about Cow Horn 500

1) What is it? The “cow horn 500”, which is also known as “preparation 500”, [...]

What’s The Polyconic Vase Pruning Method?

Tall slender, it seems that they almost touch the sky with their leaves. Walking through [...]

Interesting 3 Legends you need to know if you visit San Gimignano

The legend of San Gimignano establishment If you are going to visit San Gimignano, these [...]

Super, It’s Merenda Time!

A typically Italian way of life. Those who grew up in Tuscany, know very well [...]

San Gimi… what?

We all happen to misspell a word or mispronounce it. If even those who master [...]

Prevention as a Life Project – Podere La Marronaia with Valdelsa Donna

Valdelsadonna, born in 2007 from a group of women operated on for breast cancer, is [...]

Visit San Gimignano @ Podere La Marronaia

WHY VISIT SAN GIMIGNANO & PODERE LA MARRONAIA? Near San Gimignano, in one of the [...]